Wednesday, November 05, 2008

As anyone who hasn't been under a rock now knows, Democrat Barack Obama has won the presidential election and will be sworn in in January. He becomes the first African-American to win the seat.
For those who voted for him, congratulations. For those of us who didn't, sorry. But now is the time to pray for our new leader. Jesus did not preach sour grapes. He preached honoring our bosses, our leaders, etc. He and his Cabinet will need all the prayers they can get to correct some of the problems facing our world. He and his family are truly lovely and I'll be praying for all of them.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Today is Nov. 4 and here in the United States it's time for each of us registered voters -- and if you didn't register, shame on you! -- to get out and vote!
I don't care who you vote for -- well, actually I do -- but what I care most about is that you get out and vote.
I voted last Thursday because I feared it would be too difficult to leave work to vote in my precinct. I'm so glad I did.
Remember, if you don't vote I don't want to hear your gripes later on!
You can just keep your mouth shut.