Saturday, June 14, 2008


I'm back from AdventureCon in Knoxville. Had a blast and will be writing more about it later but right now I want to rest a bit and veg out in front of Stephen King's "The Stand," although I started in the middle and I haven't a clue what this is all about.

Among the highlights was meeting and talking with Brian Harnois of "Ghosthunters" on the Scifi Channel, soon to be seen (later this summer) on the new "Ghosthunters International." He told me about his scariest encounters -- one with a 90-year-old possessed woman and encountering a true demon in a New York brownstone.

I also enjoyed talking with the young woman who was the speaking voice for "Jem" in the cartoon, "Jem & The Holograms." Yes, I was too young to be watching cartoons when Jem came on the scene but I loved it anyway!

AND, got my photo made with Michael Biehn of "The Terminator," and many other scifi movies and TV shows, along with others. We also chatted briefly.

My pal Scott was there, too, so I will have cool photos, too.

More later ....

Thursday, June 12, 2008

PASSING ALONG A TREASURE offers the following suggestions for using leftover or extra Sunday School or Bible study literature. It's an excellent idea.
Carry it on to other Bible-related literature you may have at home, even the kind you'd normally dispose of after reading, such as monthly or quarterly devotionals or publications you receive from different ministries.
For awhile, we at church gave our leftover SS literature to a woman in our church whose son was a Baptist missionary in Utah.
I know a few times I dropped off some of my end-of-quarter SS books into a "free books" bin at the local used bookstore. I knew I usually checked the bin when I left the store or just walked by the bin on the way to the other stores, looking for a free "treasure," so I imagined other people did also.
Just make sure that you're passing along information that you know is true.
After all there's no greater "treasure" than the story of Jesus and what He offers us.