Monday, November 24, 2008

I should have posted this earlier. Here is her obituary. She is seen in the above photo with her cousin, Bill Harris, at the McHargue Cemetery in Corbin, Ky., on June 1 of this year for the Harris family reunion/Decoration Day.

Friday, November 21, 2008


Story about nearby Norris in The New York Times.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

As anyone who hasn't been under a rock now knows, Democrat Barack Obama has won the presidential election and will be sworn in in January. He becomes the first African-American to win the seat.
For those who voted for him, congratulations. For those of us who didn't, sorry. But now is the time to pray for our new leader. Jesus did not preach sour grapes. He preached honoring our bosses, our leaders, etc. He and his Cabinet will need all the prayers they can get to correct some of the problems facing our world. He and his family are truly lovely and I'll be praying for all of them.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Today is Nov. 4 and here in the United States it's time for each of us registered voters -- and if you didn't register, shame on you! -- to get out and vote!
I don't care who you vote for -- well, actually I do -- but what I care most about is that you get out and vote.
I voted last Thursday because I feared it would be too difficult to leave work to vote in my precinct. I'm so glad I did.
Remember, if you don't vote I don't want to hear your gripes later on!
You can just keep your mouth shut.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

My Momma's body has been laid to rest
Today was the final day of the formal ceremonies honoring the life of my mother. Now it's onto life without her physically being here and all the responsibilities.
I shared with a friend that I was dreading the "receiving friends," and funeral for Mom because even though I knew that my mother wasn't inside that body, that body had been my mother. She told me something that sticks with me and she probably doesn't know how much. She told me to realize that there is more of my Mommy inside me than there ever will be inside that body again.
Thanks, Pat.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

UK Telegraph reports that one bishop is encouraging churches to expand their horizons and use pop hits -- in their services. In a new book, the Rt. Rev. Nick Baines, Bishop of Croydon, speaks of the influence of many pop music writers to convey spiritual yearning and even truth to the younger generation, asking churches to go a step beyond guitar praise-and-worship styles. "For many people the language of the Bible has become inaccessible and yet pop song writers can make a connection with people because their language is fresh," he said. ""The Bible is an amazing collection of books that we've allowed to become banal. For many people it is a closed book and asking them to read it is a lost cause, which is a tragedy." The Archbishop of Canterbury has endorsed Baines' book.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

I wanted to tell you all that my mother died around 2:30 p.m. today.
She was my best friend on earth, a lovely woman and the best mother anyone could have had. I was lucky to have her for 45 of her 87 years. She was much loved and much respected. She will also be much missed, but there's no reason to grieve for her, she's not in pain anymore.

Monday, October 20, 2008

My mother is 87 and suffers from Congestive Heart Failure. Although she had the first bout with it about 14 years ago, she did reasonably well.
All that has changed. In December, right before going to a family Christmas gathering, we realized that she couldn't wear shoes because of the swelling in her feet. Family doctor thought it was because she sat so much because her arthritis and deteriorated knee made it difficult and painful to walk. Well, it wasn't.
We've been dealing with various water pills (diuretics) for the past several months. In the last week or so Mom has been complaining of a sore tongue, has no appetite, she's gasping for breath after walking only a few steps. I did "research" on the Internet and thought she was allergic to the latest diuretic. After explaining the plight to the cardiac nurse she got us in today to see one of the cardiologists. His answer? Unfortunately, this is the natural progression of CHF. He changed her diuretic I think just to appease me. Told me that oxygen might be needed but that would have to be assessed by the family doctor -- it's a supreme effort to get her to the doctor so I was especially "happy" to hear that.
He was a nice enough man but it seemed what I was hearing is that there's little or nothing to do and "She's 87, what do you expect?" No, he didn't say that, I "heard" that. It's what I hear from family members, too.
I want to fight but at the same time I want to savor what time we have left and help her.
I wanted to punch this cardiologist, but instead I cried all the way back to work when I was finally by myself.

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Now comes word that there was a shooting, perhaps a shoot-out between police and a suspect at East Towne Mall. Yes, I know its called Knoxville Center now, but for me, it'll always be East Towne Mall, the place where I loved spending free time when I had such stuff.

Saturday, October 04, 2008

I was just listening to the Rev. Charles Stanley out of Atlanta speaking on how we all need to pray for America. He listed 20 issues in our country that show it's time to pray. Not just pray, but "call out to God." I think it would be great if a lot of people heard this message.
I'm not sure when this will air on TV -- today or Sunday -- but it's seen on lots of channels, including PAX and TBN. The TBN showing is at 8 p.m. every Sunday night, Eastern Time. You can go to the In Touch Web site to find out where it's airing on your television.

If you can listen or watch it on the Internet I'm including the link. Please send these links on to others if you don't mind. I wouldn't be bothering you all if I didn't think it was a wonderful message. He doesn't preach Democrat or Republican, just the word of God.
No matter your political persuasion, you gotta admit Sarah Palin is interesting and is causing people to talk. Here's a funny about the VP candidate from one of my favorite ladies, Dolly Parton.

Friday, October 03, 2008

The Yada Yada Prayer Group Gets Real (Yada Yada Prayer Group, Book 3) The Yada Yada Prayer Group Gets Real by Neta Jackson

My review

rating: 5 of 5 stars
This was great. Another fine book by Neta Jackson. Imagine my surprise to find out in the study guide that lots of people -- like me -- feel so much like Jody! I'm not alone. We're all wanting to change and draw closer to God, learning to do more to actually turn more of our worries and concerns over to him rather than just give lip service.

I love these three books so much that I used part of my birthday gift certificate to order the next two. And, my plan to give the books I've read to the church has slightly changed. I'll either give them my used ones or buy the church library it's own set! LOL

View all my reviews.

Monday, September 29, 2008


World Vision Warns of Southern Africa Food Crisis

The Christian Post reports that the international community must focus on more than one need at a time in Southern Africa. "As we mark World AIDS Day, the international community must focus its attention on the looming food crisis in southern Africa, whilst also addressing its long-term causes -- including the AIDS pandemic currently devastating countries such as Malawi and Zambia," said World Vision policy adviser Stephen Doughty. On wednesday the relief organization began an emergency appeal to assist the 12 to 14 million hungry who face compounded problems thanks to the AIDS pandemic, especially in Malawi and Zimbabwe. World Vision Emergency Officer Nick Wasunna in Zimbabwe said, "I saw queues of people at food distribution centers," he said, in a report on the agency's website. "After talking to them you discover they are all affected in some way by HIV." Many children must stay home to care for sick parents.
Fireproof (see below) came in No. 4 at the box office over the weekend! That's pretty great for a film that was at limited theaters and is not your usual box office-type movie. I haven't gone to see if yet.

It also sounds like it's definitely a couples movie.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Lions and tigers and bears, Oh My!

OK, no lions and no bears but TIGERS! There's two of them and they're cubs!

One of the advantages of my job is that I get to sometimes (but not often enough) do stories on subjects I really enjoy. I LOVE getting to go the Little Ponderosa Zoo anytime I can.

Last Saturday I went to this rural zoo for the dedication of its tiger facility to Owen K. Richardson, who is a very sweet man who worked as the county's property assessor for many years before retiring. In addition to seeing Owen, who I hadn't seen since he retired, I got a chance to see Gebel and Gunther, who I consider "my baby," since I met him about a month ago when he was six weeks old.

I think he recognized me! Or either he was trying to tell me to "spring him" from the cage via mental telepathy.

I think I'll include links to my stories about the Little Ponderosa Zoo in a future post. Got to get ready for "real life" now. Oh, the adorably cute photo at left is by pal Scott Fraker.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Real life has been getting in the way of my bloggin, sorry! I'm home from work and I'm off to read a few chapters in "Yada Yada" book No. 3 -- thank you, Neta Jackson -- and a hot tub. No, not a "hot tub," but a hot tub. G'night.

Sunday, July 27, 2008


For the victims of a senseless shooting in a church nearby. Will we soon have to put security guards and metal detectors in our churches? If you don't know what I'm talking about you can read more about it at The Oak Ridger or The News Sentinel in Knoxville.

There is no excuse for such violence.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Another Lake City, TN soldier killed overseas

Local media is reporting the death of soldier Jason Hovater, who was serving in Afghanistan, over the weekend. He was reportedly originally from Lake City, TN, my hometown. I didn't know Jason and I don't know his family but my heart goes out to them and I hope you'll join me in praying for his family, including his parents and young bride.

Here's some links to the breaking news stories on Jason Hovater:

The Knoxville News-Sentinel

A little more than one year ago, David "Tiger" Connell, also of Lake City, was killed in Iraq. If you want to read about him, links to several stories are posted below.

Paying tribute to our war heroes

Slain soldier to be remembered at Lake City Veterans Day ceremony

Connell laid to rest at Arlington

Fallen soldier honored

Obituary for James David Connell Jr.

Soldier's funeral to be held Friday

Soldier dies in Iraq

Monday, July 14, 2008


Sacred literature: And the winner is ...

The Barna Group has released the results of a recent study, which some might be surprised at, others are not. Read part of the release below.

"As the United States becomes a more pluralistic nation, it would be expected that a broader base of books would be accepted by increasing numbers of adults as "sacred literature" or "holy books." A new survey by The Barna Group discovered that about two-dozen such books were listed by a national sample of 1003 adults. However, only four books were listed by at least 1% of the public, and just one book was deemed to be sacred or holy by at least 5% of the public.

The only book listed by at least 5% was the Bible, which was named as a holy book by 84% of the public.

Sunday, July 06, 2008

It's a little dated, but here's an interview with Mark Hall of Casting Crowns. They're my favorite contemporary Christian group. Their songs are catchy and very meaningful.

Friday, July 04, 2008


Survey: Traditional Values Still Ideal

A new Barna Group study finds that faith, integrity, purpose, and family still top the list when Americans rank what's important in life, reports the Christian Post. More than 75 percent of all American adults said their ideal life includes having good physical health (listed by 85 percent), living with a high degree of integrity (85 percent), having one marriage partner for life (80 percent), having a clear purpose for living (77 percent), having a close relationship with God (75 percent), and having close, personal friendships (74 percent), according to the survey released Monday. "Stability rules," George Barna, who has overseen this research since 1991, noted. "Out of nineteen factors, only two have seen even a ten-point shift in nearly two decades. That's rather remarkable consistency."

Study: Americans Know Fewer Evangelicals than Homosexuals

According to a recent study, Americans are more likely to know a gay or lesbian person than an evangelical, the Christian Post reports. Conducted by Ellison Research, the study found that only 24 percent of Americans who say they are not evangelical know an evangelical very well, compared to 53 percent who say they know a homosexual person very well. These numbers are more startling when contrasted with demographics statistics: Ron Sellers, president of Ellison Research, noted that homosexuals are estimated to comprise less than 10 percent of the population, while 17 percent of Americans describe themselves as evangelical. "Is this because homosexuals are more open than evangelicals about who they are? Because Americans are more open to knowing a homosexual than an evangelical? Because evangelicals themselves are less likely to reach into the broader community to form relationships?" Sellers asked. "These questions are certainly open to debate."


is one of my favorite 4th of July movies. Click and enjoy this clip.

And please pray for our nation.
"If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land._ 2 Chronicles 7:14

Saturday, June 28, 2008


"Age makes the hair go blonde."
- Bette Midler speaking on "The View" Friday. I totally agree. But I still consider myself a BRUNETTE!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Friday, June 20, 2008

NEWS OF NOTE: (Interesting religion news I've compiled from stuff sent to me.) This is the down & dirty posting. Will make it look better and include more links over weekend if I get a break from CLEANING!I love cleaning (she says with heavy sarcasm).

Gospels Approved for China Olympics
The Christian Post reports that although Chinese authorities had earlier said Olympic tourists would not be allowed to bring Bibles for "distribution or propaganda," officials are allowing the printing of 50,000 Gospel booklets for athletes, printers recently announced. In addition to the booklets, Amity Printing Press in Nanjing - the world's largest Bible production factory - is working in conjunction with the Bible Society to publish 30,000 Chinese-English New Testaments and 10,000 Chinese-English entire Bibles. "This great sporting event presents a unique opportunity to make the life-changing message of the Bible available to thousands of athletes and visitors from all over China -- and all over the world," said James Catford, chief executive of Bible Society, in a statement. An estimated two million visitors and 16,000 athletes and officials will attend the Beijing Olympics, which begin Aug. 8.

Record Fuel Prices Slam Charities

Record fuel prices have hit Christian ministry and charity organizations doubly hard this summer, reports the Christian Post. "We're finding the price of food is going up due to transportation costs, and production costs are going up as well. When those two things are put together, then all of a sudden the amount of money you had available for food is strained even more. There's just less available," Gary Zander, communications coordinator for Food for the Hungry, told Mission News Network. "We could serve 100,000 people two years ago, now we're only able to help 66,000 people," said Bruce Whitmire of Living Water International, whose organization supplies clean water for thousands of people around the globe. Higher fuel costs make it more difficult to conduct daily operations, he said. At the same time, many look to the current situation as an opportunity to trust God. "God still supplies our needs according to His riches and not according to ours," said Al Joslyn of Bible Pathway Ministries.

Vatican Bans 'Da Vinci' Prequel from Churches

According to the London Times, filmmakers for a prequel to the 'Da Vinci Code" must recreate several churches in the Vatican and Rome after the Vatican forbid them from filming crucial scenes on church grounds. 'Angels and Demons,' a Dan Brown novel turned movie, has been called "an offense against God" by the Vatican. Archbishop Velasio De Paolis, the head of the Vatican's Prefecture for Economic Affairs, said that Brown had "turned the gospels upside down to poison the faith". He continued, "It would be unacceptable to transform churches into film sets so that his blasphemous novels can be made into films in the name of business." Father Marco Fibbi, a spokesman for the Diocese of Rome, said: "Normally we read the script but this time it was not necessary. The name Dan Brown was enough."

More than 1,400 Churches Aim for Becoming 'One Church'
According to the Christian Post, Life Church pastor Craig Groeschel has launched a month-long series called "One Prayer" in partnership with more than 1,400 churches with more than 800,000 attendees around the world, all sharing sermons via video and a prayer to "make us one." "I wonder if God ever looks at all of His churches, all the Christian churches all over the world, and asks, 'Why can't you guys come together? Why are you so divided when my Son Jesus prayed 'Father, make them one,'" said Groeschel. The series was born more out of repentance than a passion for unity, Groeschel explained. It was his desire not to be competitive against other believers and to instead be united. Unity depends on recognizing the real "one enemy" - Satan - and not other churches, he continued.

Teens Flocking to Summer Missions

The Modesto Bee reports that thousands of teens will participate in short-term mission trips in the next weeks, and religion scholars estimate that about three million 13- to 17-year-old young Christians nationwide will serve on mission team this year. Youth mission trips have only become common in the last 10-20 years. While some are encouraged by this new phenomenon, however, others question the true impact of these trips. Lakewood Church youth pastor Tom Elmore, who will lead a group of about 50 to Honduras, says, "That's where they get their first taste" of evangelism and being the hands and feet of Jesus. In contrast, David Livermore, author of "Serving with Eyes Wide Open: Doing Short-Term Missions with Cultural Intelligence," say these trips have become a rite of passage, benefiting team members more than the community they're supposed to be serving.

Christian Groups Respond to Midwest Flooding

After weekend downpours of up to 10 inches, severe flooding in several Midwest states has crippled many communities as relief begins to trickle in, the Christian Post reports. Bob Babcock, the South Indiana Annual (regional) Conference's disaster response coordinator, told the United Methodist News Service on Tuesday that by his estimates only five percent of residents affected had flood insurance. The United Methodists in Indiana have received $10,000 in emergency grants from the United Methodist Committee on Relief this week to help residents, and other Indiana churches have volunteered to serve as a clothing site and an emergency responder post, and many are working closely with the Red Cross. Christian relief group Feed the Hungry sent a semi truck full of canned food, dry soup cups, noodles, crackers, cookies, and other eatable items.

Gospel for Asia Touches Burma

Even as U.S. Navy ships were forced to leave without delivering tons of aid, Gospel for Asia is succeeding in bringing relief - and hope - to cyclone survivors in Myanmar, according to the Christian Post. Up to 2.4 million people are still struggling to rebuild their lives without homes or an adequate supply of basics, including food, water and medicine. GFA said that aid workers in its Compassion Services have found "incredible openness" to the Gospel in the largely Buddhist country. One aid worker quoted a survivor as saying, "Buddha might be sleeping, for he is doing nothing for us, but Christians are everywhere, sharing from whatever they have." The worker continued, "Our providing food and supplying drinking water to different affected areas was a tremendous testimony among both Christians and unbelievers."

Environmental Campaign Launches with Goal to be Biblical, Factual

Through a new "We Get It!" campaign, the Southern Baptist Convention's ethics entity is partnering with other organizations to demonstrate that evangelical Christians support what they describe as a more biblical, fact-based approach to global warming, Baptist Press reports. The Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission (ERLC) was among the supporting organizations introduced at a May 15 news conference in Washington to unveil the campaign -- an effort to gain the endorsement of a million evangelicals to a brief document that espouses biblical responsibility for the environment and the poor. The effort, spearheaded by the Cornwall Alliance for the Stewardship of Creation, serves as a further response to the efforts of the Evangelical Climate Initiative. ECI contends that human beings are the primary cause of global warming, which it says will have the greatest impact on those in poverty. The declaration may be found online at

NEA's Cizik among Time's 100 Most Influential People
The Rev. Richard Cizik, the face of the green evangelical movement, was named among Time magazine's top 100 most influential people in the world for 2008, ASSIST News Service reports. Cizik, an ordained Evangelical Presbyterian minister and head of the Office of Government Affairs for the US National Association of Evangelicals (NAE), was honored alongside environmental partner Dr. Eric Chivian, a Nobel Peace Prize laureate and professor of psychiatry at Harvard Medical School. "The bringing together of the scientists and the Evangelical Christians is a rather unusual event, since these two groups have really been at odds for a very long time," Chivian said. Cizik commented: "Science without religion loses its ethical guide, and religion without science lacks the means and resources to understand the world. Science enables us to better understand what creation is telling us about itself and its Maker. You can't separate either these principles... taking care of the earth and the sanctity of life -- they overlap."

"Evangelical Manifesto" Calls for Reform

According to a report on the World on the Web website, 80 evangelical leaders are signing an "Evangelical Manifesto" that rebukes both liberal and conservative evangelicals for diminishing the Gospel to fight the culture wars. The Manifesto, due out Wednesday May 7, encourages political engagement, but says evangelicals have sometimes spoken "truth without love" and calls on evangelicals to "reform our own behavior." It's not without its critics. Warner Todd Huston calls the manifesto "another attempt by the political left to undermine the devotion of Christians to the political right," and asks why the project "studiously excluded so many prominent conservative Christians." Names known to be attached to the Manifesto include: Os Guinness, academic and author; Richard Mouw, the president of Fuller Theological Seminary; Timothy George, founding dean of Beeson Divinity School; and Rick Warren.

Bible College Housing Cyclone Survivors in Myanmar

According to Christian Newswire, a Gospel for Asia Bible college in Yangon, Myanmar is now a makeshift shelter for those devastated by Cyclone Nargis. "One of our correspondents was at the Bible college in Rangoon when the storm hit. He was able to obtain information and get on one of the only flights out of the country to deliver a report and photos of the devastation," said GFA President K.P. Yohannan. "The people in Burma live in clusters of small communities in simple bamboo structures. These villages are not made of concrete. I imagine that literally hundreds of these simple structures were just blown away." More than 80 people -- along with 70 children from a nearby orphanage -- made their way to the Bible college campus. Buddhist monks are also at the college, seeking assistance.

New Messianic Jewish Center in Jerusalem Drawing Angry Protests

ASSIST News Service reports that a story from ICEJ News indicates Jerusalem planning authorities have approved the renovation of a house in the capital's secular Rehavia neighborhood to serve as a worship and activity center for the Messianic Jewish organization Netiviah. But some religious elements have vowed to stop the building project even if it means rioting or appealing the High Court of Justice. "This center will be erected over our dead bodies," declared one opponent of the project. Another threatened "an all-out war" if the renovations start as planned. "We don't care if a mosque or a church [is] built here, but we won't tolerate the presence of missionary Messianic Jews," he said, reported Ynetnews.

Colson Diagnoses 'Heart' of Church Problem at Preaching Conference

The Christian Post reports that during Tuesday's session of the 19th Annual National Conference on Preaching, Prison Fellowship founder Chuck Colson said that while healthy churches breed a healthy culture, church problems can lead to social woes. Colson sought to identify the root of current church problems during his address on "Preaching and the Public Square." "Of course we care about the world. Of course we care about everything happening in society, including politics, but we better get our own house in order because what we see in the cultural collapse of America around us today and in the Western world is exactly on our doorstep," argued Colson. "I think that is at the heart of the problem of the church -- we replaced truth with therapy. Most people are basically ignorant." The three-day conference in Washington D.C., running under the theme "Where Do Pulpit and Culture Meet?" has been exploring the role of preaching in addressing cultural, social, and political issues. It concludes Wednesday.

Poll: Bible is America's Favorite Book

According to the results of a new survey reported by Reuters, when it comes to literary pursuits in the U.S., most people agree on at least one thing: the most popular book is the Bible. A Harris Poll of nearly 2,513 adults ranked the Bible number one, but the second choice was not as clear. "The Bible is number one among each of the different demographic groups," Harris said in a statement. The following demographics ranked these different books as their No. 2 favorite behind the Bible: men - J.R.R. Tolkien's "The Lord of the Rings;" women - Margaret Mitchell's "Gone With the Wind;" 18-31-year-olds - J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter series; 32-43-year-olds - Stephen King's "The Stand" and Dan Brown's "Angels and Demons."

Conference Emphasizes 'Renewal' for Christian Doctors

OneNewsNow reports that physicians will get help with "Balancing Faith, Family, and Practice" at a three-day conference in Colorado Springs that begins Thursday. Focus on the Family, which is sponsoring the conference, says it hopes to provide a spiritual retreat. The idea is that doctors of faith live a lifestyle filled with pressure without an outlet among their peers, neighbors, or even fellow churchgoers. "It is a valuable conference because it gives doctors a chance to come together with colleagues who have like interests, like stresses," says Dr. Gene Rudd, senior vice president of the Christian Medical & Dental Associations. Rudd says because of their situation in the community and the need to keep certain things confidential, doctors tend not to open up as much. "We need to come out from the world's paradigm right now in terms of how healthcare is given," Rudd emphasizes. "It's moving very much into just a business."

Renee O'Connor is featured in a new article in NEXT, a magazine from New Zealand. You can read about the former star of "Xena: Warrior Princess," at this wonderful fan site.

Saturday, June 14, 2008


I'm back from AdventureCon in Knoxville. Had a blast and will be writing more about it later but right now I want to rest a bit and veg out in front of Stephen King's "The Stand," although I started in the middle and I haven't a clue what this is all about.

Among the highlights was meeting and talking with Brian Harnois of "Ghosthunters" on the Scifi Channel, soon to be seen (later this summer) on the new "Ghosthunters International." He told me about his scariest encounters -- one with a 90-year-old possessed woman and encountering a true demon in a New York brownstone.

I also enjoyed talking with the young woman who was the speaking voice for "Jem" in the cartoon, "Jem & The Holograms." Yes, I was too young to be watching cartoons when Jem came on the scene but I loved it anyway!

AND, got my photo made with Michael Biehn of "The Terminator," and many other scifi movies and TV shows, along with others. We also chatted briefly.

My pal Scott was there, too, so I will have cool photos, too.

More later ....

Thursday, June 12, 2008

PASSING ALONG A TREASURE offers the following suggestions for using leftover or extra Sunday School or Bible study literature. It's an excellent idea.
Carry it on to other Bible-related literature you may have at home, even the kind you'd normally dispose of after reading, such as monthly or quarterly devotionals or publications you receive from different ministries.
For awhile, we at church gave our leftover SS literature to a woman in our church whose son was a Baptist missionary in Utah.
I know a few times I dropped off some of my end-of-quarter SS books into a "free books" bin at the local used bookstore. I knew I usually checked the bin when I left the store or just walked by the bin on the way to the other stores, looking for a free "treasure," so I imagined other people did also.
Just make sure that you're passing along information that you know is true.
After all there's no greater "treasure" than the story of Jesus and what He offers us.

Friday, June 06, 2008


I've just finished reading a great book, "The Yada Yada Prayer Group," by Neta Jackson.

It was so good I had to go to a used bookstore the following day and try and find Book 2 in the seven-part series (so far). I did! What's the best thing about reading a good book and finding a new series of books or a new author to read? Finding it cheap!
"Yada Yada" tells the story of a diverse group of women who meet at a Christian women's conference. They are different races and socio-economic groups. They have different jobs, ages, and family make-ups. And, they have different styles of worship. But a sudden near-tragedy unites them and the prayer group extends long past the conclusion of the conference.

I AM Jodi Baxter, one of the women. I don't have kids or a husband. I don't live in the Chicago area. I'm not a teacher. But I see so much of her in me. That's including her not-so-good characteristics. I pray that I also start changing the way I see her starting to change in this book, hopefully without some of the things she goes through.

For years I've used the phrase "yada, yada" almost as an etc.-type comment. Think of mindless, fill-in-the-blank type chatter; a term I probably picked up from the "Seinfeld" show, although I never watched it much.

But that's far from the truth.

I'll let "Ruth" from the book tell what she found out about the word "yada" in the book:

"So who's the brilliant person who came up with the name Yada Yada? I knew it meant something. I looked it up in my Hebrew dictionary. 'Yada: to perceive, understand, acquire knowledge, know, discern.' And a whole lot more. Here's one I like: 'To be known, make oneself known, to be familiar.' And another: 'To distinguish (yada) between right and wrong.'"

"If we add an 'h' it gets even bettter. 'Yadah: to speak out, to confess; to praise; to sing; to give thanks.' Later it says Yadah 'essentially means to acknowledge ... the nature and work of God.'

"How about those jewels, Yada Yada sisters?"

Yeah, how about that?
Bobby Williams who used to attend my church writes about Jeff Calloway, who was pastor at our church at the time. It's something I think is worth sharing so I thought I'd link to it here.

Jeff's a wonderful preacher and I miss him and his family. I was his daughter Sarah's Sunday School teacher and now she's a beautiful young lady in college. It's amazing to me that so much time has passed. Not that I'm getting old or anything.

At this time my church is undergoing a "transition" and I'd appreciate prayers for our church and its members and that we would do what God wants. After all, it's all about God and Jesus, right?

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Today is the National Day of Prayer...
Please pray for our nation and our world. We all need it.
MOST IMPORTANT NEWS OF THE DAY ...Apparently everyone is talking about the photos of Miley Cyrus in Vanity Fair, at least that's the word on People and just about every entertainment show I can view during my vacation.


Although I haven't seen but a couple of the photos shown on those said mentioned entertainment TV shows, I didn't see anything so horrible. I frankly thought Cyrus looked like a girl playing dress-up in the photo of her with the supposedly come hither look, back bare, and too bright red lipstick.

Am I thrilled at the sexualization of our young people? No, but I can point to a lot of other more horrible instances. However, I again remind you I haven't seen the whole photo layout.

Are there still food riots going on in other nations? People starving? People dying by the thousands in places such as Darfur?

Thursday, April 24, 2008

The 700 Club did a story on Tim Gill Wednesday. It was interesting. If you do a search of his name on Google, particularly Google News, you'll find his name all over the place.
Tell me what you think.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

New Renee O'Connor interview. She played "Gabrielle" in "Xena: Warrior Princess," but then you already knew that.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Ausxip has scans of the SFX article looking back at Xena: Warrior Princess. It includes a comment about shows on religion including the rise of Christianity.

Friday, April 04, 2008

I don't think I've introduced you all to a great site. At least women who have had hysterectomies or contemplating them, or are enduring menopause or cancer issues would find it interesting. Women there offer a lot oof good support. It's called Hystersisters.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Miley Cyrus & Jesus: Here's a neat little story. I'm a little old to be a Miley fan but she seems like a nice young lady and I have watched "Hannah Montana" a few times and it's cute. I'd let my cats watch it since there's no objectionable material. LOL

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Watched "The Final Inquiry" last night. I enjoyed it. Jerusalem and the time immediately after the resurrection of Christ is the backdrop for a Roman general's quest on behalf of the emperor to find out why there was an earthquake and eclipse all across the known world at the same time. The emperor has found a connection -- that it's linked to the death on a cross of a man from Nazareth. Now there's a cult sprung up around that man's death and what the believers say is his resurrection. Is it true? The emperor wants to find out and sends this Roman general.

Friday, February 29, 2008

Sunday, February 17, 2008

A new interview with Renee O'Connor about her "Boogeyman 2" role, her divorce, writing, and future plans.

Friday, February 15, 2008

"The Book and the Rose"

Just watched this short flick (30 minutes) on TBN. Pretty great. Based upon a Max Lucado short story.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Churches vital after deadly storms

LAFAYETTE, Tenn. - On the way to this storm-ravaged community, a billboard bubbling with fresh paste rises over a rural road with a message from the Gospel of Matthew: "Blessed are they who mourn, for they shall be comforted."
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Thursday, February 07, 2008

The Associated Press & CNN are reporting that Mitt Romney is suspending his campaign for Republican nominee for the presidency.
Please help my fellow Tennesseans devasted by the flooding. If you can give, please do. One place I suggest is Tennessee Baptist Disaster Relief. I'm sure there will be other organizations providing relief, I watched a television broadcast of Operation Blessing helping them this morning.

It's not only Tennessee hurting, but several states in the South. I'll post some other articles dealing with this shortly.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008


The newspaper where I work got this letter yesterday. Thought I'd pass it along.

February 5, 2008
Dear Editor: People who care about animals should bypass Disney’s straight-to-video movie Snow Buddies. Not only is the story line trite and stale, at least 25 puppy “actors” were removed from the set during filming when many of them fell ill. Three of the puppies had to be euthanized. These weeks-old puppies were taken from their nursing mothers to be used like disposable props. The producers of this movie exploited these babies specifically to target the lucrative children’s movie audience. Kids love puppies, but animals should not suffer and die so that studios can sell tickets. In addition, movies that use purebred dogs often cause people who see the film to impulsively run out and buy a dog of that breed. When the novelty quickly fades, animal shelters become flooded with dogs who were “stars” one day and inconveniences the next. Parents can use this opportunity to explain to their puppy-loving children what happens to the animals when a movie like Snow Buddies wraps.
Sincerely, Kristie PhelpsAnimals in Film, TV, and Advertising SpecialistPeople for the Ethical Treatment of Animals501 Front St.Norfolk, VA 23510757-763-0626 (cell)
'XENA' Star

New Renee O'Connor interview! If you don't know who she is -- shame on you -- she is most widely known as "Gabrielle" in "Xena: Warrior Princess."

Tuesday, February 05, 2008


NASHVILLE, Tenn. (BP)--Evangelicals have a pitiful record when it comes to voting. Over the last 30 years, on average only half of eligible evangelicals took the time and made the effort to go to vote in a general election for a president, and far fewer bothered to vote in the primaries.
It's fair to ask, "So what?" Does this really matter to God? Is He really concerned about the primaries?
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Monday, February 04, 2008

I know you've all been waiting anxiously to find out who the Newscat is going to cast her vote for on Super Tuesday.
Well, drum roll please, it's ...........
Hillary Clinton. Click the link to learn more about her views.

Friday, February 01, 2008

Archeological find linked to another obscure O.T. figure

JERUSALEM (BP)--A 2,500-year-old stone seal unearthed during a Jerusalem archeological dig in early January isn't tied to the obscure Old Testament family initially thought, but instead possibly to an equally obscure and completely different biblical family.In mid-January, archeologist Eilat Mazar told the Jerusalem Post she had found a seal -- designed to make impressions in soft clay -- engraved with the name of the "Temech" family, the same family found in the list of Jewish families in Nehemiah 7 that returned to Jerusalem after being taken into exile by the Babylonians.But as it turns out, Mazar was misreading the inscription. Because the seal is designed to make an impression, the letters are written in mirror-image form, similar to how the word "ambulance" is written on the front of such a vehicle. Following critiques from scholars such as the ones associated with the Biblical Archeology Society, Mazar now acknowledges the letters should read Sh-l-m-t. (Hebrew had no vowels.) If that's the case, then scholars believe it could refer to Shelomith, a man mentioned in Ezra 8:10 who also returned from Babylon to Jerusalem, or to Shelomith, the daughter of Zerubbabel mentioned in 1 Chronicles 3:19. MORE HERE ....

Friday, January 25, 2008

My friend Jeff Calloway's first book has been published. Check out VisionalLife.
It's also available on and Barnes &

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Hi all,
It's a new year and a new chance to make a nice looking, interesting blog.
This is just the start. Let me know what you think.