Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Lions and tigers and bears, Oh My!

OK, no lions and no bears but TIGERS! There's two of them and they're cubs!

One of the advantages of my job is that I get to sometimes (but not often enough) do stories on subjects I really enjoy. I LOVE getting to go the Little Ponderosa Zoo anytime I can.

Last Saturday I went to this rural zoo for the dedication of its tiger facility to Owen K. Richardson, who is a very sweet man who worked as the county's property assessor for many years before retiring. In addition to seeing Owen, who I hadn't seen since he retired, I got a chance to see Gebel and Gunther, who I consider "my baby," since I met him about a month ago when he was six weeks old.

I think he recognized me! Or either he was trying to tell me to "spring him" from the cage via mental telepathy.

I think I'll include links to my stories about the Little Ponderosa Zoo in a future post. Got to get ready for "real life" now. Oh, the adorably cute photo at left is by pal Scott Fraker.

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