Friday, October 03, 2008

The Yada Yada Prayer Group Gets Real (Yada Yada Prayer Group, Book 3) The Yada Yada Prayer Group Gets Real by Neta Jackson

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This was great. Another fine book by Neta Jackson. Imagine my surprise to find out in the study guide that lots of people -- like me -- feel so much like Jody! I'm not alone. We're all wanting to change and draw closer to God, learning to do more to actually turn more of our worries and concerns over to him rather than just give lip service.

I love these three books so much that I used part of my birthday gift certificate to order the next two. And, my plan to give the books I've read to the church has slightly changed. I'll either give them my used ones or buy the church library it's own set! LOL

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Neta jackson said...

I'm delighted that you're enjoying the journey with the Yada Yada sisters! Thanks so much for recommending them to your friends. And just to let you know--I am now writing a NEW series that is a spin-off of Yada Yada, especially following bk 7 of the original series (grin). The series will be called The Yada Yada House of Hope, and the first book (title: "Where Do I Go?") will be out in early December '08! You can go to our web site ( to sign up to be notified when a new book comes out.
Neta Jackson
Author, the Yada Yada novels