Sunday, January 23, 2005

BABYLON 5, SCIENCE FICTION, AND CHRISTIANITY - posted by Andy RauJanuary 20, 2005 -- Religion and science fiction are topics thatintersect with surprising regularity, and we've noted in the past anumber of essays dealing with Christianity and religion in the StarWars and Star Trek mythologies. The science fiction show "Babylon 5"often incorporated religious ideas into its characters and plot, buthasn't received nearly as much analysis by Christian critics. Fortunately, Tim Enloe's extensive essay on Christianity, mythology,and Bablyon 5[1] offers us a very thorough look at the subject. Enloehas a number of other interesting pieces[2] on the interaction betweenfaith and science fiction, including a good post on humanism andamorality in "Star Trek Enterprise."[3]-- Links in this story --[1][2][3]

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