Saturday, August 20, 2005

Researcher Advocates 'Healing Connection' Between Faith, Health
Charisma News Service
A medical researcher is changing the heart of the medical community with a simple, yet profound message that faith is good for your health. Harold Koenig has found a clear relationship between faith and health, one that he has dubbed "the healing connection." Koenig, founder and director of the Duke University Center for the Study of Religion/Spirituality and Health in Durham, N.C., and editor-in-chief of Science & Theology News, has published 25 books, including "The Healing Connection," and more than 200 professional journal articles detailing his findings. Koenig has extensively studied the healing connection in the mentally and physically ill, and in the elderly. "People who attend church regularly live longer," concluded Koenig, who studied 4,000 randomly selected people over the age of 65 in North Carolina. After following the subjects for six years, Koenig said he found that the likelihood of dying during that six-year period was 41 percent lower among those who regularly attended religious services. Bottom line, Koenig said, is "as long as you are here on this earth, God has a purpose for your life. That purpose is not sitting around just existing. That purpose involves ministry to others. It's when people do that, that people get healthier."

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